Metanomicon Preview.jpg
Metanomicon Preview.jpg

Priority Auto, "Gold Comes Standard"

Un spot survitaminé pour les amateurs de mécanique qui prennent l'entretien de leurs véhicules au sérieux. Produit pour l'agence américaine Davis Ad basée en Virginie, ce spot se décline dans les différents formats, 16:9, carré et vertical pour les réseaux. Besoin d'un spot qui retient l'attention? Prenez contact!


And more to come...


My goal for this collection is digital fine art. The purchase of an NFT will unlock the minting of the next two in the collection. That is my “roadmap”. Your interest and support will help me thrive as an artist and create more which will result in the completion of a collection and trigger more engagement as it develops. I’ll also be very happy to connect and share insights about my art and creation process.


The collection is a story in the making and you can be a part of it.

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